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Based on sound airframe design and powered by world-class patented hydrogen fuel cell technology, our electric aircraft are dead silent with surprisingly long endurance. Our aircraft are dead stable, easy to fly and have sufficient payload-carrying capacity to host high quality sensors — whilst at the same time being small enough to pack into a box.

The electric benefit

Market trends are changing towards electric UAV's. Electric motors have only one moving part resulting in reduced vibration and added reliability when compared with piston aircraft. Without combustion, they're also quiet, clean and pollution free.

This translates to lower maintenance, more uptime, quieter operation, no lens fowling, low heat signatures and steady, stable images.

The hydrogen benefit

Lithium Polymer batteries are heavy and require balancing. In larger configurations this adds complexity and poses a risk of fire. Typical electric UAV's have an endurance of only 60 to 90 minutes.

Hydrogen is light and has a very high energy-to-weight ratio. Although hydrogen powered configurations require extra payload to convert the hydrogen to electricity, they still outperform comparable battery systems by far.

The FlyH2 benefit

UAV Alpha has been specifically designed around hydrogen fuel cell technology. It's low-drag design ensures silent, low power operation.

FlyH2 Aerospace offers unrivalled world-class patented fuel cell technology specifically designed for unmanned aircraft — designed with simplicity, performance, reliability and ruggedness in mind.

AFC700 Hydrogen Core

The AFC700 Hydrogen Core is a high performance 750-watt fuel cell stack, specially developed for aerospace applications. Our patented stacks are 40% smaller, more efficient and geared for high altitude operations.

Ask our engineers how we can integrate the AFC700 into your unmanned aircraft development.

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UA Alpha applications

Our focus at the moment is on (but not limited to) the following applications:

  • Wildfire monitoring
  • Environmental management
  • Counter-poaching
  • Search and rescue
  • Disaster management
  • GIS
  • Magnetic field survey
  • Pipeline security

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UA Alpha Performance

Cruise60 kts
Loiter35 kts
Endurance8 hrs *
Range< 1000 km *
Max Payload20 kg *
Max Take-off Weight55 kg

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